The future

The interaction between information and knowledge management on the one side and the healthcare professional on the other is a key component in modern healthcare. Such interaction will establish accurate diagnosis faster and more cost effective. Treatment will be monitored and adjusted to give a patient personal treatment over time. This will generate data that only can be managed if there is a good working interaction between the patient, the healthcare professionals and the information and – knowledge management and expert system.

Healthy and independent living, no waiting time, expert trust/no expert trust? – second opinion. Knowledge sharing, education.

The need of ongoing identification of bottlenecks in the local organization, enhancing the operation model, monitoring of risks.

Content management. Matching patient data and knowledge databases: Need for integration and methods/systems for data-mining and automatic feedback

The market is global, the delivery local. Global companies can offer services with low costs due to the “volume effect”

Cost-effective, flexible sustainable solutions for high quality local delivery

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