Glocal Health Business & Development AB
Global solutions - local delivery

It’s the future of healthcare

Glocal Health will revolutionize the delivery of healthcare

Certified healthcare solutions for global, regional, and local needs. Cost-effective, flexible, and readily available solutions customizable to our client´s needs. We combine global cloud-based knowledge and information management with local flexible mobile units, equipment, and resources.

Glocal global services

Global services for knowledge- and information management, , telemedicine, education, research, QA, logistics using our network of medical professionals, partners and advisors

Glocal health units

Certified healthcare mobile/semi-mobile solutions that improve cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and readily available solutions customizable to our customer´s need

Glocal sustainability

We offer sustainable solutions that provides ‘green’ electricity, clean water, internet/telecom and basic healthcare services. The concept “Glocal Sustainability” brings a basic healthcare infrastructure to remote rural locations, disaster zones, or military bases.

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