Global solutions. Local delivery. It’s the future of healthcare.

Glocal Health Informatics will revolutionise the delivery of healthcare. By bringing together our formidable expertise in green energy and IT infrastructure - and access to excellence in global medical wisdom, we can deliver a complete solution to almost any healthcare infrastructure demand, in almost any local environment.

Global wisdom

Glocal Health Informatics offers access to global medical knowledge via Cloud technology.

We can provide medical training, second opinion, diagnostic tools and peer communications, via the archives of millions of diagnostic outcomes.

The benefits to healthcare providers at all levels is almost unlimited.


Glocal Health Informatics offers internal IT connectivity.

Wherever outdated or unconnected systems are unable to talk to one another, our expertise will bring ‘joined-up’ patient care, as well as access to global medical wisdom.

Hospitals and clinics that have grown in a piecemeal fashion will be able to connect all their EHRs - and streamline their patient care.


A complete healthcare resource.

Using existing or new prefabricated buildings, a Mobilithy solution provides ‘green’ electricity, clean water, internet/telecom and basic healthcare services.

The concept Mobilithy brings a basic healthcare infrastructure to remote rural locations, disaster zones, or military bases.

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